• FuseFX - painting a silicone face

    FuseFX inventor and Master Silicone Artist Guy Louis-XVI, demostrates how to paint a Hyper Realistic silicone face using FuseFX M-Series silicone paint colors and WS Matting Powder.
  • FuseFX - Royal JeL-E silicone mold release

    FuseFX Royal JeL-E mold release has been especially developed for casting silicone into silicone mold. It is a water based solution that is easily applied and washes off clean with water, leaving no contaminants on the silicone surface.
  • Tarfful Wookiee building Hair Punching

    This is my first wookiee build. A lot of good references come from RebelLegion.com and theRPF.com. I got the silicon mask and underskull from Ryan Ricks. He is a really great sculptor and does take commission. I am by no means a expert.