E-11 Blaster Rifle

Reference Images 

General Information 

  1. Chewie uses this after Lando frees him and Leia at the end of the Empire Strikes Back.
  2. This is the standard E-11 blaster used by the Stormtroopers during the classic trilogy. The base weapon is a Sterling Sub Machine gun (SMG).
  3. The ribs on the barrel are British windshield wipers.

Materials & Construction 

Scratch/Hardware Build

  1. Dark Side Sith Lord’s scratch-built metal E-11 tutorial
  2. BBC PVC Blaster (ANH version)
  3. BBC PC Blaster (ROTJ version)
  4. BBC PVC M-19 Scope Tutorial
  5. Jedi5150's Hardware M-19 Scope Tutorial
  6. StudioCreations All metal E-11 tutorial

Hasbro/Kenner Toy Conversion

Replica E-11's

Master Replicas