Reference Images 

General Information 

Original Trilogy
  1. The gloves have visible seams along the sides of the fingers. They appear to be made of leather or vinyl.
  2. The backs of the hands are covered in hair right up to the knuckles; only the fingers are exposed.
  3. The inside of the palms have brown fabric (possibly felt) but don’t appear to have long hair.
Revenge of the Sith
  1. All the Wookiees have sculpted and cast rubber hands with fingers nails and a rough, wrinkly surface texture. They have a grey skin tone with just a hint of brown.
  2. Some of the rubber skin on the backs and sides of the hands are not covered by hair.

Materials & Construction 

Off the Shelf Gloves
  1. http://gorillagripgloves.com/
Costume Gloves
  1. Gorilla Gloves from Zagone Studios - $24.99
Arm Extensions