What this site is all about

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What this site is all about

The basic idea here is to setup a network of sites similar to The Dented Helmet or Justin's old Son of the Suns site. These are sites that will be just about costumes; no bureaucracy, standards, or the drama that comes from that. The idea is that all content is created by the community. All content allows for revisions to be tracked and reverted to, kind of like Wikipedia. All registered users can edit and create costume guides and tutorials right off the bat. Content is overseen by various content admins who can review and approve stuff, revert changes, etc.

There is no good guy/bad guy divisions here. Although these sites will mostly focused on the good guys since the 501st and TDH have already covered bad guys costumes, there is no reason that tutorials and costume guides can't be submitted for bad guys.

Right now registration is disabled. If there are other people you want to bring in to help you with the sites, let me know and I will add them.

The sites will be built around a single master website: The Wretched Hive (which is both on thewretchedhive.org and .com). All content appears here. The site has the ability to run multiple websites off of the same software (drupal with the domain access suite). Thus there will be numerous affiliate sites that have all the appearances of being independent websites but actually are the same site with a different theme and subset of the content available on the main site. Same forums, same users, so everyone who signs ups is on all the sites. So far here are the affiliate sites:

  1. DockingBay94.Org is just focused on Han Solo and Chewbacca. In the future other smugglers like Lando, Dash Rendar, might be added but I think the key is to remain focused.
  2. MightyWookiee.Com is focused on the Wookiees, including but not limited to Chewbacca.
  3. SonOfTheSuns.Com is Anakin Skywalker.

In the future other sites can be added relatively easily.

Justin, get with me privately about getting your domain name pointed to the server. I already have your place holder page uploaded and ready to go, and I have an FTP account for you as well.

I want to setup each of the domains with a placeholder page similar to what Justin has, but with a simple email announcement list sign up form. I would like to try and get some t-shirts made with "Keep Calm and Let the Wookiee Win" on them and the website address and maybe a QR code and distribute them at DragonCon for free as a promotional idea for the site. Maybe do something similar with Han Solo Dos Equis parody (I don't always... but when I do...).

Everything is under heavy construction right now. I've got to figure out how to dole out admin permissions correctly and get the forms for various content types looking right.

The site also performs slowly right now as I am on the minimum VPS plan until launch. Once we launch we will bump it up to handle the traffic.

The Wookiee formerly known as JediToren