How-To: Tutorials Database

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How-To: Tutorials Database

The tutorials database contains three types of tutorials: Linked, Video, and Hosted.

Link Tutorials contain links to tutorials found on other websites and forums. Video Tutorials are tutorials on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Hosted Tutorials are tutorials that are written and hosted on this site. Each tutorial type is more or less the same and contains most of the same fields, but also has several unique fields. I've colored coded things to make it clearer.

  1. Title is the field that contains the title of the tutorial.
  2. Video Address allows to enter the address of the video. The supported sites are listed.
  3. Address is the address of the tutorial link.
  4. Tutorial Categories is a tagging system. Add terms based on skills used, materials, etc. Don't do stuff based on the costume, that is organized differently.
  5. Tutorials Image is a cover image that appears in the database listing. On Video Tutorials, this image is taken from the video automatically. On Hosted Tutorials this also appears on the tutorial itself, not just the listing.
  6. Relevant Costume Guides allow to select pages from the costume guides that this tutorial applies to. This will allow those tutorials to show up on the guide pages (this doesn't work yet, though).
  7. Domain Access Options determine which sites the tutorial will appear on. The Wretched Hive should always be checked.
  8. Source Domain should always be set to "Use Active Domain."
  9. Body is the tutorial content and applies only to Hosted Tutorials.​
  10. Search Text appears on Links and Videos. It used to show preview text on the listing page and also contains text for the internal search engine to index. This does not appear on Hosted Tutorials.
  11. Don't mess with the other fields.

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