How-To: Costume Guide Creation

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How-To: Costume Guide Creation

Costume Guides are the cornerstone of this site. They are a kind of book that organizes information about costumes and props into an easy to use format. This page is a rough overview on how to create them.

Costume Guides are designed to be collaboratively written. When edits are made they are logged as revisions, so old versions never go away, similar to Wikipedia. When the finished sites are launched, each guide will have an admin who approves changes.

Costume Guide

First you actually have to create a Costume Guide. Costume guides are the like the cover of a book; there is a title, a brief description, and maybe a cover image but no real content until the pages are put in.

  1. Name is self explanatory. This is usually the name of the character. If the character has more than one costume, identify which one this is in parenthesis. I.e. Han Solo (A New Hope).
  2. Guide Cover Image is a widescreen image that appears in the costume guide listing and also as a large image on the guide page itself.
  3. Description is a short intro to the costume and what exactly the guide covers. Many guides cover multiple variants of a costume, such as the Han Solo (A New Hope) guide. Creating a separate guide for each of the variants would be unnecessary, so it helps to combine them into one page. Be sure to mention this on the guide description.
  4. Domain allows you to determine which websites this guide will appear on. The Wretched Hive is the main site and should always be checked.
  5. Don't mess with the other fields.

Costume Guide Page

Once you have created a costume guide, it is time to fill it by creating Costume Guide Pages for each costume piece or prop.

  1. Costume Guides allows to choose which costume guides the page will appear in. They can appear in more than one, although presently this results in some navigation issues that I am working out.
  2. Domain Access Options allows you to choose which sites in the network this will appear on. The Wretched Hive should always be checked, as should the current site you are on. Select additional sites you want to have this page appear on.
  3. Source Domain should always be set to "Use active domain."
  4. Page Title is the title of the Costume Guide pages.
  5. Guide Type allows you to select what type of costume piece this is: Costume (such a shirt or vest) Weapon (Blaster, Lightsabre, Bowcaster), or Accessories (Headset, Commlink, etc.)
  6. Reference Images is a series of galleries of reference images. This should include images of the original source material. You can add an infinite number of galleries. Each gallery has a title field (i.e. Magic of Myth exhibit) and an image field. You can upload an infinite number of images. The order of the images in the gallery and the order of the galleries themselves can be changed via drag and drop.
  7. General Information is research, data, and observations about the original prop or costume piece. This include source parts, measurements, what materials were used, notes about the color, etc.
  8. Materials & Construction is the how to section. It can include just about anything that is known about how to build the costume, where to find supplies, embedded how to videos, etc.
  9. Don't mess with the other fields.

Sorting the Pages

Go to the costume guide table of contents page and click Sort. This will allow you to reorder the pages via drag and drop.

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