Future Features: Reference Galleries, User Galleries, and Blogs

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Future Features: Reference Galleries, User Galleries, and Blogs

As the site is under heavy construction, the blogs and galleries sections don't work quite yet. I'm going to detail my plans for these:

Reference Galleries

Because the costume guides already contain a method for organizing reference images, creating a separate reference gallery would be redundant and unnecessary work with duplicate content. However, there is a certain advantage to having a traditional image gallery. I am using the features in our CMS, Drupal (specifically the Views module) to create a reference gallery automatically from the image galleries in the costume guide.

User Galleries

A place for users to upload images of their own builds and troops. This will be a traditional user gallery like those found on sites like TDH, RPF, Hunters's Lair, etc.


Most of the blogs will be for site admins and contain news about posts announcing new tutorials, new sites in the network, new guides, panels we are doing at conventions.

Build Blogs

The forum will be the main place where costume builds occur, but I've added a "Build Blog" check box that allows posts to appear on a users personal build blog. This allows users to continue to use the forum to share progress on their builds while allowing the sites the benefits of traditional build diaries.z


Thoughts? Ideas?

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